10 Buick Vehicles That you wont want to miss !

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 2012 Regal GS Buick Vehicles

2012 Regal GS

The Regal GS must be the most unassuming sleeper you will ever experience, heaps of turbocharging legacy with a standout amongst the most refined and power-thick motors in its fragment. Highlighting a 2.0-liter motor that produces 259 drive and more torque than a Subaru WRX, this little sleeper is an astonishing machine in practically every way. With effectively versatile dampers, an Interactive Drive Control framework, and an all-wheel drive framework that is totally phenomenal, the Regal GS made authority auto back up plan Hagerty’s rundown of the 10 most collectible Buick models ever and our rundown as one of the best autos we drove in 2015.

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