Beautiful ’70 Chevelle SS Has An Intimidating Engine You’ll Sure Drool At

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Here’s a gorgeous Chevrolet Chevelle SS from 1970 rocking a Big Block engine ...

Here’s a gorgeous Chevrolet Chevelle SS from 1970 rocking a Big Block engine that’s both fitting and intimidating for a beautiful American classic. It’s a perfect combo offering the best of both worlds sure to leave anyone staring and drooling.

This Chevelle is a clean, crisp and sharp ride in red, styled with some black stripes. It originally has no vinyl top but was redid to include one and boy it wears it like a boss. It has a great stance and sports a Bonspeed wheels that mimics the factory Chevelle wheels and matches the black top and stripes. It’s a daily driver and not a show car by any means yet every inch of it sure looks way cool and smooth.

It’s great to own a beautiful classic that preserves a factory look and feel and this car is one of those. Its interior is pretty much stock except for the added stereo in the dashboard. You’d sure expect a comfort and ambiance that’s the same as how it was since it came out of the factory.

The thing under the hood is an icing on the cake that’ll leave you teary-eyed.It’ss a 572 Big Block Chevy fitted nicely in one great-looking engine compartment.

Check everything out for yourself too with the video below.

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