The Grand Tour Episode 6 Features Fords And Ferraris

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One of the highlights of The Top Gear’s Christmas episodes was the news featuring ...

One of the highlights of The Top Gear’s Christmas episodes was the news featuring Clarkson, May, and Hammond coming up with absurd gift ideas for vehicle enthusiasts and inevitably getting up to hi-jinks that would result in at least one presenter falling over.

Well, The Grand Tour looks to be keeping up the tradition in this week’s episode set in snowy Finland, as we see Jeremy Clarkson try out some rocket boots, only to crash into the crowd. The rest of this episode, however, looks to be decidedly Ford-focused.

We have had our complaints about some of the less car-orientated episodes of The Grand Tour lately. However, we don’t think we will have any of those criticisms for this week’s episode.

We get to see the new Ford Mustang duke it out with the Focus RS, in what looks like the cinematic set-piece involving Hammond trying to escape Jeremy Clarkson in pursuit.

It comes as no surprise to see muscle-car-loving Richard Hammond swooning over the Mustang and Clarkson favoring the Focus RS. And there’s even another subtle dig at Top Gear – remember the outrage when the Ken Block was caught doing donuts around the London Cenotaph war memorial? Well, the same landmark can also be seen in The Grand Tour, except they breeze past without the whiff of tire smoke in sight. Genius.

May can also be seen recounting the epic rivalry between Ferrari and Ford in the 24 Hours of Le Mans endurance race in the 1960s. We are really liking the sound of this one.

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