Idiot Flees Traffic Stop, Cop Jumps In and Uses Flashlight to Knock Some Sense Into Him

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A Doña Ana County sheriff’s deputy Abel Rodriguez got into a wrestling match ...

A Doña Ana County sheriff’s deputy Abel Rodriguez got into a wrestling match with a suspect who decided to flee a traffic stop to evade arrest on a warrant out of Otero County.
A 26 year old Roberto Garcia and deputy Rodriguez engaged in a brief dialogue that sounds like it came straight out of a Coen brothers movie.

– Mr. Garcia, can you go ahead and step out of the car real quick.

– Erm, for what?

– I’m gonna issue you some citations, OK?

– Oh, gotta take the car home.

– That’s fine.

– Oh, please sir.

– Sir?

– Can I take the car home?

– Let’s do this first, OK?

– I already know you’re gonna arrest me.

– OK, well get out of the car then.

Garcia then put it in drive and the deputy jumped on top of him and the two fought as Garcia drove 500 feet from the original traffic stop. He finally stopped the vehicle after Rodriguez hit him on the head with a flashlight.

This footage deserves an Academy award for best original dash cam screenplay, at least.

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