Race Between The 718, Exige And The TTRS You Have To Watch

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Which one is the fastest – the Exige 380 Sport, the 718 Boxster or the TT ...

Which one is the fastest – the Exige 380 Sport, the 718 Boxster or the TT RS? Germans wanted to find it out and tested all three cars on the track. Non-other than the Hockenheim ring.

It was the F1 track some time ago. The Exige is the most hardcore thing here, but the Porsche and the Audi TT RS seems to be far superior in their technology.

Nevertheless, all three cars are rather different and definitely belong to the track.

Roadandtrack reports “The Exige is a purpose built track machine, with a minimal interior, a bunch of aero, and a 375-horsepower supercharged V6. The TT RS and 718, however, take a more dual-purpose approach.”

So, an Audi with Quattro tackles the lightweight Exige with a Toyota engine and mid-engined Porsche with a four cylinder engine. Quite awesome.

All in all, we have here more than 1000hp to play with and as you can see, the journalists from the German publication Sport Auto definitely had a great time with these three.

We won’t tell you which one is the fastest, but know that the most expensive one does not come from Germany.

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