RMYTRIX Weaponized Porsche 991 Carrera GTS By Wulfchiptegnik! WHAT A SOUND!!!

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If aggressively downshifting in the supercar is your thing, then getting one of ...

If aggressively downshifting in the supercar is your thing, then getting one of these custom exhaust systems from Armytrix is probably the nice way to quench your thirst for noise. It’s also guaranteed attract attention, which is part of the reason why people tend to make their vehicles louder. On one hand, your grin is getting extra large because of the much-improved note when accelerating or laying off a throttle, and on the other, you know bystanders are turning their heads – either to disapprove or cherish, depending on how they feel about loud vehicles. We have seen what Armytrix can do for modestly-powered saloons like a BMW 320i or the C250 Merc, and we have also heard and marveled at what they pulled off when it comes to the supercars like the Ferrari F12 – which puts something like a Carrera GTS somewhere in the middle. This is more of the presentation video than the straight out demonstration, but the latter does come about half way through, you get to listen to the Carrera GTS rev its engine with the exhaust valves opened as well as closed. This thing sounded good either way, but there’s the much louder crackle when you activate a system, and to some people, that’s the whole point.

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