Speeding Subaru Crashes Badly On New York City Highway

Article Written by : Legendary Videos

Years of rallying, nights of the overtime and tons of other forms of hard work. ...

Years of rallying, nights of the overtime and tons of other forms of hard work. These are just the part of the ingredients that make up a Subaru WRX STI, with the current generation gathering the hefty fanbase in the US.

However, all the electronically controlled all-wheel-drives in the world won’t save the car from the faulty element connecting the pedals to the driver’s seat.

Since this 2015 WRX STI in this video couldn’t save itself from its driver, the vehicle was involved in what seems to be the medium-to-well-done crash on the highway.

Situations like this serve as the perfect examples of why the law requires drivers to change lanes one by one, and while properly checking their surroundings.

We see the Scooby moving from the first to the third lane of the highway while showing clear signs of speeding. In the process, this guy behind the wheel ignores the blind spots that can be created by the 18-wheeler, and the price he pays for that is dear.

Once the vehicle reaches its targeted lane, the driver notices the line of cars that had stopped.

Even at this point, the man could have proved he was worthy of the rally-bred contraption around him, and he failed to do so, causing the crash that had the potential to total the car – for one thing, the guy could have tried to steer his STI in between the stopped cars and the 18-wheeler.

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