Ten Incredible Cycling Movies You Should Watch Your Next Movie Night!

Article Written by : Legendary Videos

Breaking Away (1979)

The inspirational coming of age film Breaking Away has captivated audiences since it’s release back in 1979. Mainly centered around the Little 500 Bicycle Race; the film follows a group of working class friends from Bloomington, Indiana.

Dave, Mike, Cyril, and Moocher graduate high school and seem to be figuring out what they want to do with their lives now that they are no longer kids.  Dave has an undying passion for bicycle racing and spends a lot of his free time racing or prepping for races.

When Dave realizes that a famous Italian cycling team will be participating in one of the local races in Bloomington he gets excited because he will be participating. Unfortunately, the riders end up treating him badly because he is better at them on the roads.

The incredible story that follows a group of kids who learn about the trial and errors of life. Breaking away won a Golden Globe and an Academy award for the inspiring story and talented actors who portrayed the events.

When many people think of the best films centered around cycling Breaking Away is certainly a film that will pop in most peoples head if they have been lucky enough to watch it! Next time you find yourself in the mood for a good story check out Breaking Away; its star studded cast and unforgettable story will make you very happy you did!

A Sunday In Hell (1976)

A Sunday In Hell is an interesting documentary that chronologically follows the 1976 Paris–Roubaix bicycle race. The race is one of the more popular events to take place in the spring and has a very rough terrain that challenges each cyclist who dares to take it on!

The director Jørgen Leth made sure to really tap into the perspective of the participants, organizers and participants. The notorious track is known for it’s narrow and cobbled tracks that often result in crashes or blow outs.

The documentary begins by introducing the contenders and then follows to gives the views of the team directors, protesters,  spectators, mechanics and riders. It is a captivating documentary that really takes the viewers into the grueling experience that pushes the riders to the limit.

One Commissioning editor for BBC wrote that “You can see every bead of sweat on the cyclists and every smashed-up ankle. It really makes you never want to get on a bike again. But it is an amazing film.” If you are interested in the wild world of cycling A Sunday In Hell is one incredible documentary that will really put you in the insanity of the Paris–Roubaix.

American Flyers (1985)

American Flyers is a dramatic sports drama that follows the Sommers family who has a history of cerebral aneurysms in their family. One of the brothers, Marcus Sommers is interested in participating in the three-day bicycle race across the Rocky Mountains known as “The Hell of the West.”

Marcus ends up persuading his younger brother David to train him for the grueling race. Unfortunately,  the family worries that David may suffer from the genetic condition, but decide to keep the assumption to themselves as to not overwhelm him.

However, after undergoing some tests at his brothers sports center, David overhears his mother and brother talking about how he may have an aneurysm and assumes he has one. The incredible story follows the brothers as they indulge in adventurous racing and feed positivity into their unfortunate situation.

It is an inspiring story that was written by the same people who wrote Breaking Away. Therefore, it is easy to see why it is such a great film. It is certainly not the happiest  of films but if you are looking for an inspiring story that is sure to tug at the heart strings American Flyers is certainly a film you will want to check out!