TURN UP SPEAKERS And Listen To The Exhaust Of Ram Cummins

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In the last few years, we hear the lot about the Bully Dog and its abilities to ...

In the last few years, we hear the lot about the Bully Dog and its abilities to unlock the PCM while enabling a lot of features on your 2014 Dodge Ram Cummins truck. Well, some of these features include accessory delay, fog light/high beam, and initiation of DPF burn-off and few more.

The exact Bully Dog model for 6.7 Cummins is GT Platinum Diesel which will enable all the aforementioned features, plus will push your vehicle performance and see the actual results on the dyno. And also another cool feature is adjusting speed limiter and correcting the speedometer if you have changed the tires size.

Our 6.7 Cummins on the video below which packs 385 horsepower and 900lb-ft of torque also has more improvements like EFILive performance software changed by the Alligator Performance and PPEI performance files backed by 4 inches MBPR Turbo Back exhaust and which doesn’t have ear-splitting drone like 5.9 Cummins.

Sounds like the real angry Dodge Ram, isn’t it? When you will see it you will fall in love with this truck. Even if we put aside the performance upgrades and rolling coal this truck looks awesome.

Shiny black color with custom headlights, and incredible engine and exhaust sound, custom rims… So, would you upgrade your Dodge Ram with these tech gadgets and take it on off roading?

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