Video Of The Day: Tig Brazing Vs Tig Welding

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In the video below we have an in-depth look in tig brazing vs tig welding. What ...

In the video below we have an in-depth look in tig brazing vs tig welding. What should you use? What’s stronger? This guy definitely has all the answers!

He delivers so much information on the topic that we advise you to grab the notebook. For the tig welding he is using the ER 70`s tig filler rod as for the tig brazing process he is using the silicon bronze as well as aluminum bronze.

He is also doing the little aluminum bronze using alternating current on steel. He teaches us that we can’t implement just any kind of weld on any type of surface. And we can see that not everything functions the same.
He really goes in-depth about the pros and cons when it comes to a tig brazing process or welding and the right amount of pile up for the appropriate metal. A contrast between the welds is absolutely crazy. It really shows how significant a right strategy is when it comes to welding.

The conclusion at the end of this video is that silicon bronze is one awesome welding rod to have in your arsenal because it`s really good for wear resistance.

You can build up a little chafed area on the piece of hydraulic tubing or something similar. And you can also weld on very thin metal because you don’t have to actually melt a base metal. What do you think?

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